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What Excel’s INT Function Does

The INT function returns the integer part of a number that has integer and decimals. In simple words, it rounds down the number you specify by removing its decimals and returns only the integer part of the number. It’s one of the most useful Excel functions that you can use to clean your data.




  • number: Number you want to round down to the nearest integer.


In the example below, we have a number with four decimals and when you use the INT function and specify the values that you have in the cell B1, it returns the same number with but without decimals.


So, where you have 101.4868 in the original value, INT returns 101 in the result after removing the decimals.

Now in the real world, INT is super useful, and one of the examples of it is when you need to remove time from a date and time value.


And in the same way, you can use it to remove the date from a date and time value, as we have used in the example below.



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