Select All the Worksheets (Sheets)


- Written by Puneet

In Excel, if you want to select all the sheets in a workbook, there are two simple and quick ways to do that. And in this tutorial, we will learn both methods in detail.

Use the Shift Key + Mouse to Select All Sheets.

  1. Activate the first sheet that you have in the workbook.
  2. Press the SHIFT key.
  3. By holding the SHIFT key, hover to the last sheet of the workbook.
  4. Click on the last sheet to select all the sheets.

And the moment you click on the last sheet’s tab, it will select all the sheets between the first and the last.

Use the Select All Sheets Option

Now there’s also an option in Excel to select all the sheets. So, when right-clicking on any of the sheet’s tabs, the option says, “Select All Sheets”.


And when you click on the option, it selects all sheets you have in the current workbook in one go.


VBA Code

And you can also use a VBA code to select all the sheets from the current workbook. Go to the Developer Tab > Visual Basic > Insert a Module > Paste the Code.

Sub Select_All_Sheets()
End Sub
Last Updated: August 10, 2023