Steps to Create a Duplicate Sheet or Worksheet in Excel

Last Updated: August 10, 2023

- Written by Puneet

In Excel, if you want to create a duplicate sheet which means creating a sheet’s copy within the same workbook, you can use two different methods.

  • Drag and Drop with Mouse.
  • Create a Duplicate Copy with Copy and Move

In this tutorial, we are going to look at both methods.

Drag and Drop to Create a Duplicate Sheet

  1. First, activate the sheet for which you want to create a copy.
  2. Now, press the Ctrl key.
  3. After that, by holding the Ctrl key, click on the sheet tab.
  4. In the end, drag and drop the sheet to a new place within the sheet tabs.

It creates a duplicate sheet of the sheet, which drags and drops.


You can see in the above example; you have a new duplicate sheet of “Sheet3” with (2) along with the original name.

Use Copy and Move to Create a Duplicate Copy of the Sheet

When right click on a sheet tab, you can see the options “Move or Copy” there. This option allows you to copy the sheet to a new workbook or an existing one that is open.


But with the same option, you can create a duplicate sheet copy within the same workbook. When you click on the option, it shows you a dialog box to select the destination to copy the sheet.


In the Move or Copy dialogue box, tick-mark the “Create a copy” checkbox, and make sure to have the same workbook name in the “To book:”. In the end, click OK to create a duplicate copy.


You can choose the position to add the duplicate sheet in this dialogue box.


Note: From both methods, the first method is quick and easy. But you can use any of these according to your preference.