How to Create a Dynamic Chart Title in Excel

We all love dynamic and interactive charts. They are awesome. But, do you know what is the most important part of a dynamic chart? That’s ➜ Chart Title By creating a dynamic chart title you can make your Excel charts more effective. Just think this way. You have created a dynamic chart in which values will change when current […]

How To Combine IF and OR Functions in Excel

IF Function is one of the most powerful functions in excel. And, the best part is, you can combine other functions with IF to increase its power. Combining IF and OR functions is one the most useful formula combination in excel. In this post, I’ll show you why we need to combine IF and OR functions. And, […]

How to Use R1C1 Reference Style in Excel

 In Excel, there are two kinds of cell reference styles, first is A1 and second is R1C1. Most of the Excel users don’t even know about the existence of R1C1 reference style. But, some users love to use it and found it more convenient than A1 reference style. The R1C1 style is a kind of old one.It was […]

How to Create a Bullet Chart in Excel

Step by Step Guide to Create a Bullet Chart in Excel Selecting a right kind of a chart is one of the toughest tasks. While struggling with these kinds of problems, I’ve found a chart called “Bullet Chart”.Bullet Chart is one of those advanced Excel charts which you should learn to get better at charting.It’s […]

10 Excel Charting Tips You Are Still Not Using

The moment you are reading this post you still have to explore a lot of things about excel charts unless you are “Jon Peltier“. Here in this post, I’ll show you 10 charting tips which you can instantly use while creating your next chart. I’m pretty sure that these charting tips will help you to […]