How to use DAYS Function in Excel

how to use excel days function

Quick Tips

Use DAYS Function to calculate different between two valid dates. In simple words, it will return the gap between a start date and end date.

For example, in 25-Jan-2016 and 30-Jan-2016 there is a difference of 5 days.



  • start_date  A valid date from where you want to start you days calculation.
  • end_date A valid date from where you want to end days calculation.

More Information on Excel DAYS Function

  • Both start date and end date should be a valid date.
  • And, both should be within the range of valid dates. Excel accept dates which are from 1900 to 10000 year.
  • You can also enter a date directly into the function by using double quotation marks.


In the below example, we have referred the cell A1 as the start date and B1 as the end date and we have 9 days in the result. You can also use subtract operator to get the difference between two dates.

Enter Days In Excel Days Function
In the below example, I have directly inserted two dates into the function to get the difference between them.
Days function works with other date and time functions to create some dynamic formulas.

Enter Date Directly In Excel Days Function

Sample File

download sample file to learn more about this tips

What’s Next?

To learn more about Excel DAYS Function you can check Microsoft’s Help Section. And, if you have a unique idea to use it, I would love to hear from you.

There is also you have DAY function which is highly useful. Apart from this, I have a list of excel functions and some real life formulas examples.