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Syntax For Excel SECOND Function

What is the use of Excel SECOND Function?

Use Excel SECOND Function to extract a number from a time value representing seconds, range from 0 to 59. In simple words, It will return seconds from a time. For example from 10:45:23 PM it will return 23.

Syntax for Excel SECOND Function


serial_number A time value with seconds from which you want to extract seconds. You also insert that time value directly into the function using double quotation marks.

More Information on Excel SECOND Function

  • Excel stores date as a number. “22-Apr-2016 12:33:10 PM” will represent “42482.5230324074” as a number.
  • Integer part represents date & decimal part represent time.
  • You can directly insert time value into the function.

Examples to understand Excel SECOND Function

Examples For Excel SECOND Function

In above example, I have used different input value to get second. Input value should be a valid date & time as per excel’s date & time system. An input value which has no value of seconds in it will return 0 as a result.

You can also get extract second from a time value by using Excel TEXT Function.

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Use Excel SECOND Function to get seconds from a time value as a number represent by a number from 0 to 59. Learn more about SECOND from here.

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