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Syntax For Excel MINUTE Function

What is the use of Excel MINUTE Function?

Use Excel MINUTE Function to get a minute as a number from a time value range from 0 to 59. In simple words, it will return the only minute from a time. For example from 18:43 it will return 43.

Syntax for Excel MINUTE Function


serial_number A valid time value from which you want to get the minute as a number.

More Information on Excel MINUTE Function

  • You can also input time as a text directly into the function. For example, =minute(“08:32 PM”).
  • If you refer to a blank cell it will return 0 in the result.
  • Excel stores date as a number, time represents in the decimals in that number.

Examples to understand Excel MINUTE Function

Examples For Excel MINUTE Function

In above example, I have used the minute function to extract minute value from different time values.

  • You can use it to get the minute number from a time value.
  • You can also extract the minute number from a date in which you have time.
  • The minute function is only concerned with the decimal part of a serial number.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel MINUTE Function

More Tips Related With Excel MINUTE Function


Use Excel MINUTE Function get the minute number from a time value. Learn more about MINUTE from here.

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