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Syntax For Excel HOUR Function

What is the use of Excel HOUR Function?

Use Excel HOUR Function to get an hour value from a valid time value. In simple words, it will return hour from a time. For example, from 16:25 it will return 16.

Syntax for Excel HOUR Function

serial_number A valid time value for which you want to get the hour as a number.

More Information on Excel HOUR Function

  • You can also input time as a text directly into the function using. For example HOUR(“10:45 PM”).
  • If refer to a blank cell it will return 0 in the result.
  • Excel stores date as a number, time represents in the decimals in that number.
  • HOUR Function always returns an hour in 24-hour format.

Examples to understand Excel HOUR Function

Here I have listed some example for your better understanding about HOUR Function.

Use Cell Reference in HOUR Function

In below example, I have referred to a cell in which I have a valid time value. The function has only extracted hour in 24-Hour format from that time value. You can use this method where you have time data & you want to extract hour from that values.
Example For Excel HOUR Function Another Cell As A Reference

Use Date as a Reference in HOUR Function

In below example, I have used date which has a time value in it & HOUR Function has extracted the hour as an integer from it. Example For Excel HOUR Function To Get Hour From A Date
If you convert that date into an integer by changing its format, you’ll get to know that it has time value as decimals.
Example For Excel HOUR Function To Get Hour From A Date Integer

Use NOW Function with HOUR Function

In above example, I have used HOUR Function with Excel NOW Function to get dynamic hour integer which will update every time when I recalculate my worksheet or reopen my workbook.
Example For Excel HOUR Function With Now Function

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel HOUR Function
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Use Excel HOUR Function when you want to extract hour value as an integer from valid time value or from a valid date which has time value in it. Learn more about HOUR from here.

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