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The Excel HYPERLINK Function is listed under Microsoft Excel's Lookup Functions category. It returns a string with a hyperlink attached to it. In simple words, like the HYPERLINK option you have in Excel, the HYPERLINK function helps you to create a hyperlink.

How to use it

To learn how to use the HYPERLINK function in Excel, you need to understand its syntax and arguments:




  • Link_Location: The location for which you want to add a HYPERLINK. It can be further split into two terms.
    1. link: It can be an address of a cell or range of cells in the same worksheet or in any other worksheet or in any other workbook. We can also link a bookmark from a word document.
    2. location: It can be a link to a hard drive, a server using the UNC path, or any URL from the internet or intranet. (In Excel online you can only use web address for HYPERLINK function). You can insert a link to the function by inserting it as a text with quotation marks or by referring to a cell containing the link as a text. Make sure to use “HTTPS://” before a web address.
  • [friendly_name]: It is an optional part of this function. It acts as the face of the connecting link.
    1. You can use any type of text, number, or both.
    2. You also refer to a cell which contains the friendly_name.
    3. If you skip it, the function will use the link address to display.
    4. If friendly_name returns an error, the function will display error.


  • Link a file saved on a Web Address: You can use a file that is saved on a web address. This helps us to share the file in an effective way.
  • Link a file saved on a Hard Drive: You can also use this function while working offline. You can link a file that is stored on your hard drive and access them through your single excel sheet, no need to go to every single folder to open them.
  • Link a Word Document File: This is also an awesome feature of HYPERLINK function. You can link a Word document file or a specific place in word document file using a bookmark.
  • Link a file without using Friendly Name: If you want to show the actual link to the file or place to the user. In this situation, you just need to skip the friendly name declaration in the HYPERLINK Function.

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