How to use LOOKUP Function in Excel

You can use the LOOKUP function to search for the position of a value from a column or a row and then return a value from the same position from another column or row.

For example, if a value which you have specified is on 3rd position in a column then this function will return the value which on the 3rd position in the second column.

There are two types of LOOKUP function.

  1. Vector Form
  2. Array Form

Instead of using array form it’s better to use VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP. And, here I have mentioned about vector form and if you want to learn about array from you can check Microsoft’s Help Section.


LOOKUP( value, lookup_range, [result_range] )

value A value which you want to search from a column or a row.

lookup_range A column or a row from which you want to lookup for the value.

[result_range] A column or a row from which you want to return a value. This is an optional argument. If you skip to specify it LOOKUP function will return