How to use EOMONTH Function in Excel

How to use Excel EOMONTH Function

What it Does

You can use EOMONTH to get the last day of a month which is a number of months before and after the start date.

What it Returns

It returns a number representing the future or past date from the date you have specified.

For example, if you specify 16-Jan-2016 as a start date & 5 as the number of months. And, Excel EOMONTH Function will return 30-Jun-2016 in the result. Because June is 5 months after January and last day of June is 30.



  1. start_date A valid date from where you want to start your calculation.
  2. months Number of months you want to calculate before and after the start date.

Additional Information

  1. If the start date which you have provided is not a valid date it returns #NUM!.
  2. After adding or subtracting months from the start date, if that date is invalid EOMONTH Function will return #NUM!.
  3. This function is smart enough to check the total number days while giving last day of a month. It doesn’t matter if there is 30 days, 31 days or 29 days in a month.


Here in the below examples we have used this EOMONTH with different types of arguments.

examples about how to use eomonth function in excel