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How to use INDEX and MATCH in Excel – The Everything Guide

INDEX MATCH, when combined, can change the approach you use to lookup values in Excel.Yes, you get it right.The combination of these two functions can match the gap of all other functions which we use for lookup.Let me tell you how.If you love to use VLOOKUP then I’m sure you have this secret pain inside: […]

How to Sum Values Between Two Dates using SUMIFS

SUMIFS is the easiest method to sum values between two dates (range of dates).Let’s say, you are working in a trading company and your boss asks you to get the total sales amount for last 15 days.In this case, you need to sum sales amount from the current date to 15 days prior i.e. between […]

How to use SUMIF with Wildcard Characters in Excel

SUMIF is one of my favorite Excel functions and I’m sure it’s yours also.But one thing which I always worry about it, we can only sum values when criteria fully match with values.Let’s say, your name is John Martin.In this case, if we want to sum values using your name we should have your full […]

How to Calculate SQUARE ROOT in Excel + [Insert Symbol]

Excel is like a Swiss army knife for calculations.From mathematical to financial, it’s for every single thing you need to calculate. You can calculate simple to most complex things in Excel. Take an example of SQUARE ROOT.A square root is a quite common calculation which we do in our day to day work, and in Excel, […]

Top 5 Methods to Remove First Character from a Cell in Excel

Yesterday, one of my colleagues, who is really passionate to learn Excel these days asked me this:“Do you know how to remove the first character from a cell in Excel?”I told him a small formula (which was easy) for that, but he was not satisfied and want another method.And after that, I told him about […]

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