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puneet gogia from excel champs

Hi, My name is Puneet. I’m a 26 years old guy from India.

I’m on a mission. And, my mission is to help people & learn Microsoft Excel.

So, that’s why I am helping people who want to learn Microsoft Excel.

I have founded ExcelChamps to reach more & more people.

Excel Champs Blog

I am working every moment to share my knowledge with you.

I want you to visit my blog.

I post 2-3 new tips every week along with sample files for my visitors.

You will learn some useful excel tips every week.

Or, let's get started with your favorite thing


An Introduction to Microsoft Excel.


101 Excel Function for everyday use.


Solutions for real life problems with formulas.


Become a charting ninja with amazing tips.


Automate your tasks with macro codes.


Free ready to use excel templates.

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