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Internet Radio in Excel – Play Music Directly From Your Spreadsheet

Internet Radio In Excel

Peter is talking about his new internet radio in excel.

Steps to Create an Internet Radio in Excel

  • Go to Developer Tab -> Controls -> Insert -> Active X Control -> More Control.
  • Select Window Media Player from the list.


  • Now, double click on the window media player. And, By clicking on it, you will get the VB editor.
  • Change the name of window media player to “InternetRadioInExcel”.


  • Open your worksheet’s code window & paste below macros in it.
Sub InternetRadioStart()
Dim Path As String
Path = Range("F4")
If Path = "" Then Exit Sub
With Me.InternetRadioInExcel
    .URL = Path
End With
End Sub
Sub InternetRadioStop()
With Me.InternetRadioInExcel
    End With
End Sub

Now, you have two different macros to control your radio (play & stop).

Get URL for your favorite radio channel from here. And, paste that address into cell F4.

Insert two buttons for play and stop. And, assign macros to those buttons.

Tune In And Enjoy.

Sample File

  • Patty Ball

    I’m getting a compile error when I click on either icon: Ambiguous name, InternetRadioStop ()

    • Puneet Gogia

      Hey Patty,

      Please try to use directly from WMP’s play button.