How to Select Non-Contiguous Cells in Excel


...when you need to select multiple cells which are not continuing... press and hold the control key...

...and then select each cell with the mouse.


That’s the simple method.

But I can bet that you have never heard about selecting non-continues cells without using a mouse.

The reason for this is no one ever found this method.

Luckily me.

But here’s the kicker:

There’s also a way which you can use to select non-continues cells [non-adjacent] without using control key.

But in today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly two different ways to select all the non-adjacent cells.

Without Using Ctrl Key

Just follow these simple steps to do it.

  • Select the cell from where you want to start your selection.
  • Press Shift + F8 for once.
  • You get a message “Add To Selection” on your status barbottom of your Excel window. 

Select Non-Adjacent Cells Without Holding Ctrl Key

  • Now, you can select your cells just by clicking on them.

select non continues cells in excel

  • So, you can do anything with your selection (formatting, deleting, etc.).
  • Just press ESC to release your selection.

Without Using Mouse

To select non-continues cells without using your keyboard follow these simple steps.

  • Press shift + F8 to activate “Add To Selection” Mode.
  • Navigate to the range you want to include in your selection, Press Shift + F8 again.
  • And, so-on.

select no-adjacent cell without using mouse
Note: While trying to select non-adjacent range without the keyboard. When you try to add single cells in your selection, this method will not work.


So, here is the story about this quick and smart way to select non-adjacent cells in Excel. What do you think which method is better to use? First or second. Or, you still want to use the Ctrl key to select non-adjacent cells in Excel.

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  1. Please do not give so much importance to yourself and claim that all of this has been introduced by you.
    BTW good work!

    • Hey John, Welcome to Excelchamps.

      When a master praise you, its an inspiration.

      Thanks for your words.