How to use Pivot Table Timeline in Excel

A timeline is a new feature introduced in Excel 2013 and the good news is you can use it with a pivot table as well.

If you use pivot tables frequently I am sure you use filters to filter dates.

But the problem with default filter option is that it’s very hard to filter with months, quarters and years if you have simple dates.

That’s why Microsoft has introduced timeline filter option.

Replace Normal Filter With Pivot Table Timeline

The best thing about a timeline filter is you don’t need to open the filter again and again, you just do it with a single click.

So today, in this post, I’d like to share with you simple steps to add a timeline filter to filter dates in a pivot table.

A timeline is just like slicer, the difference is that timeline only filters dates.

Steps to Insert Timeline in Pivot Table

Download this sample file from here to follow along.

  • Select any of the cells from your pivot table.
Select Pivot Table To Add Pivot Table Timeline
  • Go to Pivot Table Tools → Analyze → Filter → Insert Timeline.
Add Pivot Table Timeline
  • Click on insert timeline and you’ll get a pop-up box.
  • From the pop-up window, select the date columns which you have in your data.
  • Click OK.
Select Date To Insert Pivot Table Timeline

Now you have a timeline filter in your worksheet and you can filter your pivot table with this.

Pivot Table Timeline

Components of a Timeline Filter

Following are some major components you can use to master timelines.

Component Pivot Table Timeline
  1. Clear Filters: You can use this button to clear all filter.
  2. Time Level: From time level option you can use four different time levels. You have days, months, quarters and years to use as time level.
  3. Timeline: Use the timeline to filter dates for the period you want. You can filter dates for days, months, quarters and years. You also select more than a day, month, quarter & year but only in sequence.
  4. Scrollbar: Use the scrollbar to get to scroll through the days, months, quarters and years.

Customizing a Timeline

You also have options to customize your timeline. You can make following changes in it.

1. Change Size

You can change the size of a pivot table timeline by using following steps.

  • Select your timeline.
  • Go To Timeline Tools → Options → Size.
  • Change height and width of your timeline.
Change Size Pivot Table Timeline

And another best way is to resize a timeline from its borders.

2. Change Caption Name

By default, it will show you the caption name same as your column name which you have selected to insert a timeline. But you can change it anytime by using following steps.

  • Select your timeline.
  • Go To Timeline Tools → Options → Timeline → Timeline Caption.
  • Enter new name.
  • Hit enter.
Change Caption Name Pivot Table Timeline

3. Apply Timeline Styles

Yes, you can use different styles to your timeline in the pivot table. There are total 12 different theme styles you can use for pivot table timeline.

Different Styles To Use In Pivot Table Timeline

You can also create a customized theme for your timeline by creating a new Timeline style.

Create A New Style For PivotTable Timeline

You have following options to customize in your timeline.

Customize New Pivot Table Timeline Style

4. Link a Timeline with more than one Pivot Table

Like a slicer, you can also link a timeline with more than one pivot table. Just follow these simple steps to do that.

  • Select your timeline and right click on it.
  • Now, click on Report Connections.
Click Report Connections To Link Pivot Table Timeline
  • Now, you’ll get a pop window with the list of pivot tables.
  • Tick mark the pivot tables which you want to link with the timeline.
Tick Mark All Pivot Table To Link Pivot Tables Timeline
  • And, click OK.


So here is the whole story about a pivot table timeline. You can use it where you want to quickly filter your pivot tables.

You can also use a timeline in your dashboard to control your multiple pivot tables in a single click. I am pretty sure from now on words you would love it.

I hope this tip will help you save you a lot of time.

Now tell me one thing. Have you ever used a timeline with a pivot table before? Please share your views with me in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

And, please don’t forget to share this tip with your friends. I’m sure they will appreciate it.

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