How To Create A In Cell Column Chart With REPT Function

Creating an In Cell Column Chart by using the REPT Function is the second part of our in cell charting Series. Yesterday, I had used this text repetition formula to create a star rating template in excel.

Use REPT Function To Create a In Cell Column Chart

Basic Idea of creating a column chart with REPT Function is as simple as we create a normal column chart in excel. I have used a percentage data set to create the above In Cell Chart. You can use any type of data as per your need.

data for in cell column chart

Steps To Create a Simple Column Chart With REPT Function

  • Increase the height of the row where you want to insert this chart so that a column bar can adjust in it.

change height for row to create in cell column chart

  • Insert this =REPT(“|”,F5*50) formula in the cells below your data cells. (Here, F5 is a data cell)

insert formulas to create an in cell column chart

  • Now, Change the orientation of text to “Rotate Text Up”.

CHange text Orientation To Create A In Cell Column Chart With REPT Function

  • After that change Font Style to PlayBill (You can also use Stencil, Haettenschweiler, Britannic Bold).
  • Change text alignment to bottom & center.

change text alignment in your in cell chart to create a In Cell Column Chart

  • Finally, You have a small In Cell Column Chart.

a column chart created with REPT Function to create a In Cell Column Chart

I have highlighted lower data bar by using formulas in conditional formatting.

More Information

Sample File

download sample file to learn about in cell column chart

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  1. Ali Sarmad 25 Jan, 17 at 4:36 am - Reply

    Boss, But why only MULTIPLY with 50??? any reason :O

    • Puneet Gogia 27 Jan, 17 at 2:26 pm - Reply

      Hey Ali,

      Thanks for your smart question.

      Well, multiplying with 50 is just for converting percentage into a real number.

      • Ali Sarmad 20 May, 17 at 4:19 am - Reply

        Thanks Boss 😉

  2. indzara 3 Sep, 16 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    Very smart trick.

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