How to Create Cricket Score Chart in Excel

how to create a cricket chart

People out there are just crazy about cricket. I am also a big fan of the game. I love to watch some of my favorite players scoring.

Apart from the players who are performing on the ground, we also have some people who are performing outstanding and consistently in the entire game and in all matches.

Guess who?

A person who is responsible for all the reports and charts showed throughout the match.

They look awesome.

I don’t know how they prepare all that stuff, might be with kind of software. Alright, so being an Excel lover I can’t underrate Excel in this.

A single try is a must to check whether we are able to make some cool score charts or not.

Steps To Create Cricket Score Chart in Excel

I have decided to make a score chart by presenting over by over score and wickets fall.

Here are some points which we need to target.

  1. We need a line chart to show the total score over by over.
  2. After that, we need to highlight the overs in which we have wicket fall.

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For this, I have a dummy table. You can download this data table from here to follow along.

Data To Create A Cricket Score Chart in Excel

Match Summary:

In 20 overs match, the North team played first and made 128 runs on the board with the loss of 5 wickets.

In return for the target, the south team made a weak start and lose 3 wickets in 8 overs.

But, this is not the end of the game. They made a comeback and mark a win in 18 overs with the loss of 5 wickets.

Now we need to prepare a reflecting chart out of it.

  • First of all, insert a line chart by using the above the data. Your initial chart will look something like below.


  • Next, you have to convert wicket fall lines with dots.
  • For this, select your chart and go to Chart Tools -> Design -> Type -> Change Chart Type.
  • Now, you have a window to change the chart type.
  • From that window, change the chart type to "Scatter Chart" for wicket fall. And, convert them to a secondary axis.

change chart type

  • Now, your score chart is almost ready.

  • You can do some of your favorite chart formattings like I did.
    1. Hide the wicket fall legend.
    2. Marked wickets fall in red for both teams.
    3. Used Word-Art in the chart title.

how to create a cricket chart

Congratulations, your score chart is ready to rock.

Sample File

download sample file to learn about cricket score chart in excel

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