Change the Default Chart Type in Excel

Do you know you can insert a chart with a shortcuts key?

You can use Alt + F1 to insert a chart.

But here’s a twist.

In Excel, default chart type is a two-dimensional column chart. So, if you want to insert a line chart or any other chart which you use frequently with a shortcut key, you can’t do that.

So, here using a shortcut key is for nothing.

But, I have a solution for that.

You can change the default chart type. So that when you use a shortcut key to insert a chart you will get the same chart that you required.

Steps to Change the Default Chart

  • Go to Insert Tab → Charts.
  • Click on the small arrow at the bottom right corner of the section to get the insert chart window.

  • Then in your insert chart window, Go to “All Charts” & then select chart category.

  • Now, go to the chart style which you want to make your default chart. Right click on it & select “Set As Default Chart”.

  • Click OK.

Now, every time when you Insert a Chart Using a Shortcut you will get your favorite chart type.


By changing default chart type, you will able to create your most used chart with a shortcut key. Let’s say if you use line chart more than any other chart you can make it your default chart.

And, then you can use the shortcut key. I hope you will like this, please share you most used chart types in the comment box.

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