How to Convert Text to Date in Excel


Dates play an important role when we need to analyze trends.

This is one of the most important things which you need to capture in a right way.

Apart from basic date format which is used by Excel to store dates.

Apart from basic date format which is used by Excel to store dates. There are some other date formats which are acceptable.

Now the thing is:

When we capture a date in a wrong format Excel treats that date as a text and, then we can’t use that date further in any calculation.

When is comes to textual date formats there is no one particular thing. It depends on the person who is entering those dates.

The bottom line is:

We do need some methods which we can use to convert a text to an actual date with a right format.

So today, in this post, I’d like to share with you 10 methods which we can use to convert a text to date format in Excel. For converting a text to date we need to use a combination of different functions.

So let’s get started.


1. Use DATEVALUE Function To Convert a Text to Date

Using the DATEVALUE function is a basic method to convert a date into an actual date which is stored as a text.

Let’s say you have a list of dates in your worksheet and all the cells where dates are entered have text format but all those dates are in the correct date format.

In the below example, we have a date in a cell but when I trying to add a number into that date I’m getting an error, even that the format of the date is correct.

Excel datevalue function to convert text to date

But if you look at the cell format, it’s text.

So here, the best way to use DATEVALUE function. You just need to refer that cell in the function and it will convert that date into an actual date.

convert text to date list with datevalue function

And, then you can change it’s format to a date.

Important Note

There are some situations where DATEVALUE can’t help us to get a date from a text. There are n number of irregular formats of dates and to deal with all those we need to create a custom formula using different functions. In next 10 examples, I will share with you how can we use these different functions.

text to date list

2. Date with Back Slashes

Excel date system support a date with the forward slashes. And, if we have a date where we have backslashes, it will treat it as a text.

convert text to date with black slashes invalid

To solve this problem we can use below formula.

convert text to date with black slashes

3. Date with Month Name

Now, we have a date format where the month is entered with its name. For Excel, this is not a date anymore, even it’s presenting a date clearly.

convert text to date with month name full

Below formula can help us in this.

convert text to date with month name full formula

4. Date with Dots

It’s a common kind you problem where we get dots inside a date. This is a kind format used by people who are not aware that this not a proper date format.

And, this the formula to correct it.


5. Date with the Month Name and a Comma

This format is almost same as the format we have discussed in point 3.

And, we can correct it with below formula.


6. Date with the Day Name

Sometimes people stores a date with the day name. And, if that date is not in a proper format Excel will treat it as a text.

Use this formula for this type to text date.