How to Create a Star Rating Template in Excel

Here is a quick tip for you to create a star rating template in Excel.

To create this star rating template all you need is REPT function. REPT Function is useful when you want to repeat a given text for a number of times.

Steps to Create a Star Rating Template

  1. Insert two different types of stars (☆★) in your worksheet and place them in two different cells.
  2. Insert five option buttons (Form Control) from developer tab. And, create a single cell link for all the buttons. Place them in five cells in a Vertical direction.
  3. Merge 5 cells, just one column before, where you have buttons.
  4. Enter ❝=REPT(H11,5-K11)&REPT(I11,K11)❞ in the merged cell.
  5. Change the text orientation of the cell to the vertical text and then text alignment to the center and bottom.

Your template is ready.

star rating template in excel

How it Works

The first part of the formula will give you outlined stars. For Example, when you click on 3-star rating it will give rest of the two stars in outline.

The second part of the formula will give you filled stars. For example, when you click on the 4-star rating you will get 4 filled stars.

Quick Tip: You can also insert symbols within the formula itself or you can also use another type of symbols as you like.

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