Match/Compare Two Columns with VLOOKUP

VLOOKUP is the easiest way to match two columns with each other and get result on which values match. In the below example, we have two lists of names. In

Indirect with VLOOKUP

If you want to use VLOOKUP and the data you want to look up is in different sheets, you can combine it with the INDIRECT. It helps you to define

How to use VLOOKUP MATCH Combination in Excel

In this post, I’ll reveal the secret about how I use VLOOKUP And MATCH to create data for my Dynamic Charts. I’ll also tell you about reasons to use VLOOKUP And MATCH to increase the power of VLOOKUP. But before doing this let me explain you everything about the combination of these two awesome functions.

Combine VLOOKUP with SUMIF

Yes, you can combine VLOOKUP and SUMIF. In SUMIF, there is a criteria argument in which you can use VLOOKUP to create a dynamic value. This will allow you to