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5 Custom Date Formats You Have To Learn Today Right Now

excel custom date formats

Few, days back, I had explained about how to convert non-standard date formats to standard date formats in my post. But, Sometimes it is required that we use some off track date formats rather than using simple date formats. As we know, excel blessed us with highly flexible options & Custom Date Formats is one of them. So, today we will discuss some custom date formats.

Custom Date Formats

Day Name

This one is my favorite. If you are working on some date where you want to get the day name only, this custom date format will help you.

“It’s” dddd

Custom Date Format Day

And, if you want to get the day name in short form, you can do it this way “It’s” ddd

Day Number

Just like the day name if you want to get the day number in some custom way, you can use this custom date format.

“Day” d

Custom Date Format Day Number

Month Name

This custom date format will help you to get month name for your date value. And, you can also add some custom text as per your requirement.

“Current Month is:” mmmm

Custom Date Format

You can change month name from long to short by using “Current Month is:” mmm or you can change or add prefix & suffix.

Date with small day name

This format will help you to get a date with small day name in the end.

Custom Date Format Day Name

Long textual date

And, if you really want a long textual date you can do this by using this custom date format.

“Today is Day” d”, Month” m “& Year” yyyy.

Custom Date Format Full Date

In the end, If we talk about how much these custom date formats are useful. I only want to say one thing that these custom date formats mark their importance as per the situations. They are the hero of their day.

And, Finally if want to add some other custom date format in this list. Just hit the comment box.

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