Excel Star Rating Template In Excel Using REPT Function

Here is a quick tip for you to create a star rating template in excel.

To create this star rating template all you need, REPT Function.

REPT Function is useful when you want to repeat a given text for a number of times.

And, today we will use this formula to create this Star Rating Template in Excel.

Use REPT Function To Create Star Rating Template

Steps To Create a Star Rating Template

  • Insert two different types of stars (☆★) in your excel sheet. And, place them in two different cells.
  • Insert five option buttons (Form Control). And, create a single cell link for all the buttons. Place them in five cells in a Vertical direction.

link option buttons with a single cell to create a star rating template using REPT function

  • Merge 5 cells just one column before your inserted buttons.
  • Enter below formula in the merged cell.

Use this rept function to create a star rating template

  • Change the text orientation of formulated cell to the Vertical Text.

Change cell orentation of the cell formulated with REPT Function

  • Change text alignment of formulated cell to the center & bottom.
  • Finally, you have a Star Rating Template.

a star rating template by using rept function

How it works?

  • The first part of the formula will give you outlined stars. For Example, when you click on 3-star rating it will give rest of the two stars in outline.
  • Second Part of the formula will give you filled stars. For example, when you click on the 4-star rating you will get 4 filled stars.

More Information

  • You can also insert symbols within the formula itself.
  • You can also use another type of symbols as you like.
  • Change the style of the template as per your requirement.

Download this sample file to learn more.

Last Words

Creating a star rating template in excel simple and easy.

Star Rating Template is the first part of our series to create In-Cell charts using Rept Function.

Check out rest of the parts.

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So, do you know any other way to create a star rating template in excel/

I would like to hear from you.