Top Excel Tips and Tricks (HACKS) to Make You a PRO (Free PDF) [PART-4]

Last Updated: February 28, 2024

- Written by Puneet

(Excel Tip-1) Smooth Line

If you love to use a line chart, then you are awesome, but it would be more awesome if you use a smooth line in the chart. This will give a smart look to your chart.

  1. Select the data line in your chart and right-click on it.
  2. Select “Format Data Series”.
  3. Go to Fill & Line ➜ Line ➜ Tick mark “Smoothed Line”.
excel tips tricks charting tips smooth line chart

(Excel Tip-2) Chart Formatting

excel tips tricks copy chart formatting from one chart to another using paste special

Copy Chart Format in Excel

(Excel Tip-3) Hide Axis Labels

This charting tip is simple but still quite functional. If you don’t want to show axis label values in your chart you can delete them. But the better way is to hide them instead of deleting them. Here are the steps:

  1. Select the Horizontal/Vertical axis in the chart.
  2. Go to “Format Axis” Labels.
  3. In the label position, select “None”.
excel tips tricks to hide axis label

And again, if you want to show it then just select “Next to axis”.

(Excel Tip-4) Display Units

If you are dealing with large numbers in your chart, you can change the units for axis values.

excel tips tricks to hide axis label before after
  1. Select the chart axis of your chart and open the format “Format Axis” options.
  2. In axis options, go to “Display Units” where you can select a unit for your axis values.

(Excel Tip-5) Round Corner

I often use Excel charts with rounded corners and if you like to use round corners too, here are the simple steps.

excel tips tricks round corner chart setting tick mark
  1. Select your chart and open formatting options.
  2. Go to Fill and Line ➜ Borders.
  3. In borders sections, tick mark rounded corners.

(Excel Tip-6) Hide Gap

Let’s say you have a chart with monthly sales in which June has no amount and the cell is empty. You can use the following options for that empty cell.

excel tips tricks to fill gap for empty values
  • Show the gap for the empty cell.
  • Use zero.
  • Connect data points with the line.

Here are the steps to use these options.

  1. Right, click on your chart & select “Select Data”.
  2. In the select data window, click on “Hidden and Empty Cell”.
  3. Select your desired option from “Show Empty Cell as”.
excel charting tips to remove chart gap select connect data

Make sure to use “Connect data points with the line” (recommended).

(Excel Tip-7) Pictograph in Excel

How to Create a Pictograph in Excel

(Excel Tip-8) Chart Template

Let’s say you have a favorite chart formatting you want to apply every time you create a new chart. You can create a chart template to use anytime in the future and the steps are as follow.

  • Once you have done with your favorite formatting, right-click on it & select “Save As Template”.
excel charting tips save as template right click
  • Using the save as dialog box, save it in the template folder.
  • To insert a new one with your favorite template, select it from templates in the insert chart dialog.
excel charting tips save as template apply chart

(Excel Tip-9) Default Chart

You can use a shortcut key to insert a chart, but the problem is, it will only insert the default chart, and in Excel, the default chart type is “Column Chart”. So if your favorite chart is a line chart, then the shortcut is useless for you. But let’s conquer this problem. Here are the steps to fix this:

  • Go to Insert Tab ➜ Charts.
  • Click on the arrow at the bottom right corner.
  • Then in your insert chart window, go to “All Charts” and then select the chart category.
  • Right, click on the chart style you want to make your default Select “Set as Default Chart”.
  • Click OK.
excel charting tips change default chart

(Excel Tip-10) Hidden Cells

When you hide a cell from the data range of a chart, it will hide that data point from the chart as well. To fix this, just follow these steps.

excel charting tips show hidden value
  1. Select your chart and right-click on it.
  2. Go to ➜ Select Data ➜ Hidden and empty cells.
  3. From the pop-up window, tick the mark “Show data in hidden rows and columns”.