Top 100 Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks which will Make You a PRO this Year + PDF Download

Every Excel user do need a list of tips and tricks...

...which he/she can use to learn to save time.

Even if you learn a single tip a day... can learn 30 new things in a month.

It's a lot. But the point is: you must have a list which you can refer to every day.

Well, you don’t need to worry about this anymore, I’m here to help. I have listed Top 100 Excel Tips and Tricks for you.

And this is the most comprehensive list. Yes, it is.

All the tips and tricks are listed under a specific category​ which makes easy to follow the entire list.

...List of Top 100 Excel Tips and Tricks You need to Learn this Year to Increase your Productivity in No Time

Without any further ado below is the list of tips and tricks that can make you an advanced Excel user this year.

In this entire list, I have marked some of my favorites tips 🔥 which I love to use and I’m sure you’ll also love them.

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Basic Tips

If you are just starting out with Excel then these tips can save you a lot of time and can help you to get better quickly in everyday tasks.

Serial Numbers

Current Date and Time

Select Non-Adjacent Cell 🔥


Drag and Drop

Status Bar 🔥


Bullet Points

Copy of Worksheet


Formatting Tips

Formatting is one of the boring things when it comes to data and reporting and here we have some of the time saver formatting tips for you which you can use in your daily work.

Auto Format

Format Painter

Cell Message


Barcode 🔥

Month Name

Highlight Blank Cells

Font Color with Custom Formatting 🔥

Theme 🔥

Clear Formatting

Formula Tips

Formulas and functions are the core power of Microsoft Excel. In short, they can make you great and here we have some formula tips which can make you smart.

Sentence Case

Random Numbers

Count Words

Calculate Age


Root of Number

Days in Month

Month’s last Date



Charting Tips

To make you better at charting, here some of my favorite tips and I’m pretty sure that these charting tips will help you to create charts in a smart way.

Smooth Line

Chart Formatting 🔥

Hide Axis Labels

Display Units

Round Corner

Hide Gap

Insert Picture 🔥

Chart Template

Default Chart

Hidden Cells

Printing Tips

In my clarity, one of the most time-consuming thing in Excel is printing reports.

So many times we need to adjust custom margins, scaling, or adding header and footers.

Here is the list of some awesome printing tips which you can use will printing your reports (These tips were originally published on ExcelDemy).

Print Titles 🔥

Page Order

Print Comments

Scale to Fit

Custom Header-Footer

Center on Page

Print Area

Custom Margin

Error Values 🔥

Custom Start Page Number

Advanced Tips

There are some options in Microsoft Excel which are meant to perform a specific function and can help you to get better at Excel in no time...

...and here I have listed some of those tips and tricks which you can use in your daily work.

Tracking Important Cells

Flash Fill

Combine Worksheets 🔥

Protect a Workbook

Live Image

Userform ?

Custom Tab

Goal Seek

Text to Speech

Named Range

Data Cleansing Tips

If you work with messy data then these simple tips can help you to clean your data in no time and the best part about these tips is, they are quick to learn.


Remove Duplicates

Merge Text

Remove Specific Character

Combine Text 🔥

Unpivot Data

Delete Error Cells

Arrange Columns 🔥

Convert to Date

Negative to Positive

Excel Tricks to do with MOUSE

We all are eager to learn more keyboard shortcuts so they can work fast.

But, there are some tricks which we can perform with a mouse as well and these are some mouse tricks which you can use to speed up your work.

Format Painter

Rename a Worksheet

Fill Handle

Hide Ribbon 🔥

Edit a Shape

Column Width

Go to the Last Cell

Chart Formatting

Pivot Table Double Click

Right Click 🔥

Tips for One Time Set-Up

There are few options in Excel which you can customize according to your need to save your time and efforts on-wards and I have listed some of those here. 

Default Location

Disable Start Screen 🔥

Developer Tab

Enable Macros

AutoCorrect Option

Custom List

Apply Table 🔥

Gridline Color

Pin to Taskbar 🔥

Macro to QAT

Time Saver Tips

Excel tips are all about saving time and making you more productive. Below we have some time saver tips which you can use.

Select Formula Cells

Multiply using Paste Special

Highlight Duplicate Values

Quick Analysis 🔥

RUN Command

Open Specific File

Open Excel Automatically 🔥

Smart Look Up

Screen Clipping

Locate a Keyboard Shortcut

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