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Project managers know the importance of tracking and measuring.

They always prefer to analyze their project’s progress constantly and that’s one of the major things which helps them to complete their projects on time.

And for a project manager, the best tool to track a project is a Gantt Chart.

Yes, a Gantt chart.

A Gantt chart is one of the most popular charts which helps project managers around the world in their projects.

You can track stage wise progress in this chart: Starting and ending date of each stage, how many days were taken, delay days, etc.

Just like below:

excel gantt chart template

And today, I’d like to share with a simple and effective Excel Gantt Chart Template which you can use to track your project.

So let’s explore this template and you can download it from at the end of this post.


This template has some unique features which can help you track your projects with more efficiency.

1. Track Any Project up to 31 Days

You can track a project up to for 30 days (which is expandable).

And, when you want to expand these days, just insert a new column at the end and copy paste formulas and formatting from last column to that new column.

You can also use format painter for copying formatting.

2. Track up to 10 Stages of a Project

You can track up to 10 stages (which is expandable).

When you want to add new stages, just insert a new row at the end and copy paste formulas and formatting from last column to that new column.

3. Project Insights

Once you enter your inputs correctly, you can get some insights from those inputs. And, insights will update instantly with data update in the template.

insights in excel gantt chart template 1

If any stage is in the process then it will show the name of the stage and if no stage is in the process then it will show the name of the last completed stage.

It will show you the number of stages which are completed on target date, after target date, and before target date.

If any stage is completed before the target date, the days which are saved will highlight with green color.

If any stage is completed after the target date, the excess days will highlight with red color.

How To Use It

Here we have some important points which you need to take care while use this template.

In this Gantt chart template, I have taken care to enter minimum details. To track your project (Stage By Stage) we have following inputs in this template.

1. Stage Name (Manual Entry)

You can enter a specific name for each stage for your project. And, maximum stages you can use for a project in this template is 10.

project stages in excel gantt chart template

2. Start date (Manual Entry):

For each stage of the project, you have to input a start date. The start date of the first stage of the project will be consider as the start date of the project.

You can also specify the start date of a stage earlier than the end date of the previous stage.

start date of stage in excel gantt chart template

3. Target Days [Manual Entry]

Once you specify the start date of the stage, next you have to specify the target days to complete that stage. This will help to calculate the target closing date of a particular stage.

stage target days in excel gantt chart template

4. Target End Date [Auto Calculation]

From the target days for completion of a stage, “Target End Date” will be calculated automatically. This will give you a deadline to complete your stage.

target end date in excel gantt chart template

5. Actual End Date [Manual Entry]

Once a stage is completed you can enter the closing date of that stage.

actual end date in excel gantt chart template

Whether the actual closing date is earlier than or later than target date, this template will consider those days in insights to show the number of stages which are completed on the target date.

6. Actual Days Taken [Auto Calculation]

From the actual end date, it will calculate the actual days taken to complete a stage.

actual days taken in excel gantt chart template

7. Project Details

You can enter or edit following details for your project.

  • Name of the project.
  • Name of the project manager and project description.

To edit details click of the “Edit Details” button on the top right side of the template.

edit details in excel gantt chart template

Once you click on this button it will navigate you to details section where you can edit or enter new details for your project.

detail pane in excel gantt chart template

And, once you done with your project details click on back button get back to your Gantt chart template.

back button in details pane in excel gantt chart template

As soon as you change the details in “Details Section” it will change in your main template.The beauty of this template is “No Complex Editing”.

Download Your Template

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This Gantt chart template is a useful tool if you want to track your project. It will not only help you to track but also give you some useful insights.

And, the best part is you can expand it’s days and stages in you want. I hope this template will help you to get better in your finance.

Please don’t forget to share this template with your friends.

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