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In this real world, everything has a process and to make that process successful we need to track each and every stage of it. Take an example of the sales.

Let’s imagine you are a sales manager and your most important KRA is to create new business. And, you have a sales process with different stages for creating new business.

Here, the best way for you to track your sales is to use a sales funnel chart. A sales funnel chart not only describes the stages of the process but also provides conversion funnel for your new business.

sales funnel chart in excel template

And in today’s post, I’m going to show you exact steps which you can use to create sales funnel chart in Excel. Well, not just sales you can use this funnel chart in any process.

And now, let’s get started.

Steps To Create a Sales Funnel Chart in Excel

You have following data table for this chart template which you can download from here to follow along.

  • First of all, insert a dummy data column.
  • In the cell B2, insert below formula into the formula bar and drag down.
  • To set up sales funnel just selects the data and insert a stacked bar chart.
  • Now, you have a chart like this.
  • From here, we need the following customization to transform this chart into a sales funnel chart.
  • Now, select vertical axis and change category in reverse order. Format Axis → Axis Options → Axis Position.
  • After that, select data bar for dummy data and remove fill color and border from it.
  • In the end, select data bars and change gap width to 0%. Format Data Series → Series Option → Gap Width.
  • And, now, you have neat and clean sales funnel chart to use as a template.

Congratulations! you made it.

[Bonus Tip] Sales Funnel Chart Using REPT Function

As I earlier said that I’m a big fan of in-cell charting. Let me show you how can we use rept function to create a sales funnel template in Excel. Creating an in-cell sales funnel chart is simple and quick, here are the steps.

  • Take data in a simple form.
  • In the blank column, enter below formula and  drag it down.


  • And now, change the text alignment to the center for bars.

Your in-cell funnel chart is ready.

Download Sales Funnel Template

Click here to download the sample file.


Using a sales funnel chart is one of the best ways of tracking a sale process. You can also add additional things in a chart as well, like conversion rate, pending percentage etc.

All the steps which you have used above are simple and easy to follow.And, if you don’t want to put efforts you go with an in-cell version.

I hope this tip helps you to get better at charting.


Now tell me one thing. Which method do you like the most? And, if you have any other method to create a funnel chart, please share with me in the comment box, I’d love to hear from you.

And, please don’t forget to share this tip with your friends.

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  1. Hello Sir, really this helps a lot in our day today work. I didn’t understand like how to change the color of the each chart and how to insert the buttons as you did (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) Can you please help me with that

  2. In-cell chart approach is so simple and elegant. Thanks for sharing. I am yet to understand the purpose of ‘divide by 2’ in the formula. I will keep thinking.