How to use FIND Function in Excel

How to use FIND Function in Excel2018-11-19T12:36:31+00:00

The FIND function locates the position of a text string from another text string.

By using this function, you can find a single character as well as a complete word from a text string.

It returns the starting position of a text string in another text string.



  1. find_text Text string which you want to find from the another text string. find_text can be a single alphabet or a word.
  2. within_text Text string from which you want to locate the text. You can refer to a cell, or you can input a text in your function.
  3. start_num A number represent the starting position of the search.


In the below example, we are searching for alphabet “well” and we have specified start_num as 1 to start our search.

Our formula returns 12 as the position of the text. And, if you look at it, the word “well” starts from the 12th position in the text string.

get position of well from the text using find function
using mid len functions with find to get name


Sample File


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