Top 100 Excel Functions with Examples

Text Functions

#Additional Examples

Date Functions

#Additional Examples

Time Functions

Logical Functions

#Additional Examples

Maths Functions

#Additional Examples

Statistical Function

#Additional Examples

Lookup Functions

#Additional Examples

Financial Functions

#Additional Examples

Information Function

  • Inet Kemp

    Great to have such a summary available

    • Puneet Gogia

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  • Rohit Sharma

    Nice to see the whole functions list..would appreciate if you let us know the complete descriptions of all functions.

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      List will be updated before next week. Please Subscribe to our newsletter to get the alert for that. You can also download 100 Keyboard Shortcuts, 40 Useful Excel Tips & 40 ready to use macros.

  • Gautam Bhardwaj

    very helpful, i really appreciate. keep it up Bro

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  • Eanna

    Hi, Can you add the sumproduct function. I want to know how you use it to bring back sums based on 3 or conditions. Thanks

    • Puneet Gogia

      Hello Eanna,

      Already Added.

      Thanks for your comment. You’ll get your E-book on 30 Apr

  • Torstein S Johnsen

    i would like to Get a good description of the match function and/or the choose function. Thanks Torstein (

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      You will get the both.

      Thanks for words.

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  • Brenda G

    Hello again, Puneet (and congratulations on your 1st 1,000 subscribers)! I would like to see the IFERROR function covered. I am just learning about it, so all lessons are greatly appreciated. Thank you for asking!

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      Thanks Brenda. I will for sure.

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  • Diana

    Hi Puneet, I saw someone at work using both the INDEX and MATCH functions. I see that someone has already requested MATCH so if possible, I would like to see INDEX added to the list. Thank you!

    • Puneet Gogia

      Alright Diana. Thanks for your reply.

  • Srinivasan Venkatraman

    Offset plays a vital role

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  • Angel Gonzalez

    I would really like to have a better understanding of the Indirect with Row and/or Columns function. Could we include these please.

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  • Asif Hafeez

    I would love others to learn these functions “Indirect, Offset, Match, Index, Vlookup, Mid, Find, Replace, Substitute, Sumif, Sumifs, SumProduct mainly and of course array functions as well.

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  • Peter Wilson

    Index or match

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  • iyke

    Punnet thanks, May I suggest this, an average subscriber fairly uses excel and functions but in isolation. Every one knows match, offset etc what most need is the combination of these functions to generate more potent practical problem solving forces is the next step I will like you to do after these functions in isolation.

    • Puneet Gogia

      Yeah Iyek. I am trying to give two different examples. one is solo & other is combined with some other function.

      • iyke

        Great! Puneet. I am looking forward to this.

  • Mohammed Mubin Sayyed

    OFFSET and exact use of Array with detailed example.

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  • Dan Kordelski

    GETPIVOTDATA, I haven’t nailed that one yet…dan.kordelski@gmaildotcom

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  • Heather

    SUBTOTAL – which I find is a powerful function, but often overlooked – particularly with the different function numbers that formula uses.

    • Puneet Gogia

      Fully Agree With You. Thanks

  • Bj Sutton

    HI, is there any way to work out how long there is between 2 times? ie. 09:42 and 10:01 (that is, I want it to show 19 minutes)

    • Puneet Gogia


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    I’d love it.but it will be nice if you combine it in a one PDF file 🙂

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    Hi Puneet I think it is great if you combine these formulas in one store in PDF it is really awesome

  • Binaya Karmacharya

    with transpose function can we reverse the data set; like AAA, BBB, CCC transpose to CCC,BBB,AAA. Thanks

  • Ron007

    MS has already created a summary lists of all functions with links to brief descriptions.

    functions (alphabetical) 2016-2007

    Functions (by category) – 2016 – 2007

  • Abhishekkumar Jasoriya

    Thanks punnet for providing such a good platform to learn excel

  • Sudhir Kumar

    How can I create a timezone convertor??

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    Please provide the link for Inv. Management System

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    How Can I creat a daly sale report in excel
    please help me

  • Satheesh Kumar.Ps

    Thank you for the valuable information…I would like to know one specific thing.
    Once we use the transpose, only values are copied. If i want to retain the values with formula in transpose function, is it possible. This is very important to keep scientific way to prove that the transpose operation done is correct. In data analytics big excel sheets are handled and a small mistake can lead to big problems .. Please advise me ..


    How to get data of various sheets on Summarry sheet of the inventory register.

  • WaywardSailor

    Are these available in a PDF or Word File? This is a good reference, but it’s hard to remember to come back here for the information. Having them as something you can download would be really helpful.


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