How Use Different Formatting in a Single Cell [Quick Tip]

different formatting in a single cell can do wonders

Using Different Formatting In Single Cell sometimes makes a difference. While creating some awesome reports, dashboards, tables, etc. a small thing we always try to do perfectly, that is formatting.

Formatting is the face of our reports. Excel gives us lots of options to makeover our spreadsheets (Font color, cell color, bold, italic, etc.).

Have you ever think about to format a single character in a different way or use different font size for characters.

I bet, it will make you  crazy. Just check it out some stuff created using different formatting in a single cell.

Some Examples on Different Formatting In A Single Cell

Types of different formatting you can do in a cell

These are few but powerful things to do within the cell. It doesn’t matter that you use mouse or keyboard, you can just select the text on which you want to apply formatting.

Full List of Different Formatting In a Single Cell


  • Not for cells where a formula is applied.
  • Unable to use with cells where numbers are captured.
  • Not able to insert a hyperlink to a part of the cell.
  • Copy & pasting cell format to another cell is not possible.
  • Formatting will demolish if the text is deleted from the cell.
  • Accounting underlines are not available in formatting within the cell.

Sample File

Different Formatting In Single Cell Download Sample File


Using Different Formatting In Single Cell is easy & effective. You can give different styles to your data.

I hope it will help you.

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