How to Combine IF and OR Functions in Excel

IF Function is one of the most powerful functions in excel. And, the best part is, you can combine other functions with IF to increase its power.
Combining IF and OR functions is one of the most useful formula combination in excel.
In this post, I’ll show you why we need to combine IF and OR functions. And, why it’s highly useful for you.
Table of Content

  1. Quick Intro
  2. How this Combination Work?
  3. Example
  4. Sample File


Quick Intro

I am sure you have used both of these functions but let me give you a quick intro.

  • IF Function – Use this function to test a condition. It will return a specific value if that condition is true, else some other specific value if that condition is false.
  • OR Function – Test multiple conditions. It will return true if any of those conditions is true, false if all of those conditions are false.

The crux of both of the functions is IF function can test only one condition at a time. And, OR function can test multiple conditions but only return true/false.
And, if we combine these two functions we can test multiple conditions with OR & return a specific value with IF.

How IF and OR functions Work?

In the syntax of IF function, have a logical test argument in which we use to specify a condition to test.

And, then it returns a value based on the result of that condition. Now, if we use OR function for that argument and specify multiple conditions into it.

how to combine if and or functions and replace logical argument with or
If any of the conditions is true OR will return true and IF will return the specific value.
And, if none of the conditions is true OR with return false and IF will return another specific value.
In this way, we can test more than one value with IF function.
Let’s get into some real-life examples.



Here I have a table with stock details of two warehouses. Now the thing is I want to update status in the table.