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How To Undo & Redo Buttons In Excel [Quick Tip]

hidden power undo redo buttonDo you know a normal excel user press Ctrl + Z (undo) & Ctrl + Y (redo), 50 times in a day while working on a spreadsheet?

And, still he/she is always confused that he/she has to press Ctrl + Z (undo) or Ctrl + Y (redo).

Do you know there is a smarter way for Undo & Redo?

And, this smarter way comes from your quick access toolbar.

You can use undo and redo buttons from quick access toolbar which has a list of activities you have done.

And, you can undo or redo to a particular activity by using these buttons.

Add UNDO & REDO Button in Quick Access Toolbar

When you activate quick access toolbar in excel, it will have the undo & redo buttons by default.

And, if you don’t have, please follow these simple steps to activate them.

  1. Go to File Tab → Options → Quick Access Toolbar → Select UNDO & REDO command from “Choose commands from”.
  2. Add both the commands to your quick access toolbar.
  3. Click Ok.

Now, you have two buttons in your quick access toolbar.

 Undo & redo Button In Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Use UNDO & REDO Buttons To Get List of Activities

Just click on the undo or redo button to get the list of recent activities.

Now, you don’t have to use shortcut again & again to come back to an action in your spreadsheet.

Just select the action at which you want to go.

Use Undo & redo Button In Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Benefits of using UNDO & REDO Buttons

  • No need to press Ctrl + Z again & again.
  • You can check the activities done by you in your workbook.

Last Words

By using this technique you don’t have to press ctrl + z & Ctrl + Y again and again.

You just have to select the activity up to where you want to undo or redo from the list and you will be there with a single click.

Over To You

I hope you found this quick tip useful.

Please share your views in the comment box.

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