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Syntax For Excel UPPER Function

What is the use of Excel UPPER Function?

Use Excel UPPER Function to convert a normal text into upper case text. In simple words, It will convert normal text case into text in which all the letters are in upper case. For example, excelchamps will be converted into EXCELCHAMPS.

Syntax for Excel UPPER Function


text A text string which you want to convert into upper case.

More Information on Excel UPPER Function

  • Characters other than alphabets will remain unchanged.
  • If referred text contains an error it returns an error in the result.
  • You can also insert text string directly into the function by using double quotation marks.

Examples to understand Excel UPPER Function

Compare Excel UPPER Function With Other Cases

In above example, I have compared upper case text with lower case & proper case text. In upper case text, I have all the characters in capital letters.

Use Excel UPPER Function To Convert Lower Case Name Into Upper Case

In above example, I have used the upper function to convert name text to capital letters from the text in which characters are in different cases.

Check out how I have used Upper function convert normal text case into sentence case.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel UPPER Function

More Tips Related With Excel UPPER Function


Use Excel UPPER Function to streamline your text. Learn more about UPPER from here.

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