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Syntax For Excel PROPER Function

What Is The Use of Excel Proper Function?

Use Excel Proper Function to change a text into a Proper case in which the first letter of a word will in upper case and rest of the letters are in lower case.

Syntax for proper function


text Text which you want converts to proper case. [Required]

Additional Information on proper function

  • It can only convert text into the proper case.
  • Any value which is not text will not change.
  • It capitalizes the first letter the word that follows a non-text character. =Proper(“excel-champs”) = Excel-Champs.

Examples to understand Excel Proper Function

 Use Excel Proper Function To Convert Text Into Proper Case

In above example, a proper case has the first letter in the capital case in a word & rest of the letters are in the lower case comparing to other two cases lower case & upper case. You can use this function where you want to streamline your text into a proper case.

Examples For Excel PROPER Function

In above example, I have used the proper function to streamline first name & last name into the proper case. It will  convert the first letter into a capital letter of each word which has space before it.

Even if there is a simple alphabet in a cell it will convert that alphabet into a capital letter.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel PROPER Function

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Use Excel PROPER Function to convert a text into a proper case where the first alphabet of each word will be in upper case & rest of the alphabets into lower case. Learn more about PROPER from here.

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