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Excel’s AUTO FORMAT Option

    how to use excel auto format option for quick formatting

    Formatting is a tedious task. It’s really hard to format your data every time when you present it to someone. But, this is the only thing which makes your data more meaning full and easy to consume. It would be great if you have an option which you can use to format your data without spending […]

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    How To Create Barcode Generator Template In Excel

      how to create a barcode template in excel featured image

      Do you want to create a barcode in excel? So today, just for you, I will reveal the method to create barcode generator template in excel. In this post, I will show you how to generate code 39 barcodes. Code 39 is known as Code 3 of 9 which is the most used barcode and able to scan […]

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      Automatically Add Serial Numbers In Excel

        how to automatically add serial numbers in excel featured image

        Serial numbers are an important part of data. Even every small data table in excel should have serial numbers. But, adding them manually is a pain. So, today I’ll show you 6 quick methods to automatically add serial numbers in excel. You can use any of these methods which you think is perfect for you. Table […]

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        How To Multiply In Excel Using Paste Special

          how to multiply using paste special in excel featured image

          Sometimes, you have to perform some quick calculations in excel. And, you can use paste special for these quick calculations instead of formulas. In this post, you will learn a quick tip for these calculations. I will show you how can you use paste special to quickly multiply in excel. Not only multiple but subtract, divided, and […]

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          How To Insert Bullet Points In Excel

            Bullet point list is a useful method to stay organized, but unfortunately, there is no formal method to insert bullet points in excel. We don’t have any option in excel ribbon as we have in Microsoft Word. But that doesn’t mean we can’t insert bullet points in excel. In fact, we have more than one […]

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            How To Undo & Redo Buttons In Excel [Quick Tip]

              hidden power undo redo button quick access toolbar

              Do you know a normal excel user press Ctrl + Z (undo) & Ctrl + Y (redo), 50 times in a day while working on a spreadsheet? And, still he/she is always confused that he/she has to press Ctrl + Z (undo) or Ctrl + Y (redo). Do you know there is a smarter way for Undo & Redo? […]

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              How To Copy Chart Formatting To Another Excel Chart [Trick]

                copy chart formatting to another excel chart using this charting tip

                Do you know how to Copy Chart Formatting To Another Excel Chart? Let’s say, with your extreme efforts, you have formatted a chart. And, you realize that you have more charts to format. It’s a pain. But, I have a super quick solution to your pain. All you need just a few clicks with your […]

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                How To Sort Columns in Excel [Use This 5 Seconds Technique]

                  sort columns in excel

                  Here is the way 5 seconds way to Sort Columns In Excel in 5 seconds. Sorting columns in excel mean sorting data from left to right [horizontal direction]. This is useful when you have to streamline your data columns or you want to arrange them in alphabetic order. To sort columns in excel, all you have […]

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                  How To Quickly Repair A Corrupt Excel File [5 Quick Ways]

                    5 Effective Ways To Quickly Repair A Corrupt Excel File

                    Excel is extensively used by both business organizations and individuals for maintaining records or tasks. The most petrifying situation is when the file is corrupt, and the data becomes inaccessible. In this blog, we will be discussing the causes of corruption and five ways to repair a corrupt Excel File. Even a minor error can […]

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                    How To Use Excel Camera Tool To Create Live Pictures In Excel

                      Learn About Excel Camera Tool Before Creating Your First Dashboard

                      In this post, I’ll show you a great tip to create your dashboards more awesome. Excel Camera Tool is one of the most ignored tools in excel. The biggest reason for that it is not listed in any of the tabs of excel ribbon. Using Excel Camera Tool is really helpful for who really want to get best out their spreadsheets. Let’s move ahead to explore this amazing tool.

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