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Excel Camera Tool

Learn About Excel Camera Tool Before Creating Your First Dashboard

While working in Excel, sometimes, you need to think out of the box.It happens to me sometimes when I share my dashboards and templates with other users and they made changes in it and all of my work break.Well, to solve this problem, I started to use live images of data tables instead of using […]

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Concatenate a Range of Cells

2 concatenate a range of cells with fill justify

CONCATENATE is a handy function to concatenate text from different cells. You need to refer to the cells which you want to combine. It’s simple and easy to apply.But here is a bad news. In concatenate, it’s not possible to refer to an entire range.You need to select all the cells of a range one […]

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Watch Window

Delete A Cell In Watch Window In Excel

Often there are some cells in our worksheet where we have important formulas. And, those formulas help us to calculate some crucial values.In this situation, it’s really important to take an eye on those cells, whether the calculation is correct or there is no error.But the point is, the more you have this kind of […]

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Unpivot Data With Power Query

Data in a tabular form is good to use as a report format because it’s easily understandable. But the problem occurs when you need to use it for further analysis.​In this kind of situation, you need to put some efforts and spend your precious time to make it re-usable. And to make it, re-usable the […]

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Dynamic Drop Down List

quickly create a dynamic drop down list in excel featured image

Drop down list is a powerful tool. It can help you to make your data entry simple and quick. You can use a drop down list with your dashboards, charts or even with normal data. While using it, one thing always gave me nuts that you need to update it’s data source whenever you add a […]

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