How to use SUMIF Function in Excel

The SUMIF function sum values from a range of cells using a condition. In simple words, it sum numbers from a range which meets specific criteria.

You need to define a range to check for criteria and a corresponding range of values which you want to sum.


SUMIF(range, criteria, [sum_range])

  1. range A range of cells from which you want to check for criteria.
  2. criteria A criteria which can be a number, text, expression, cell reference or a function.
  3. [sum_range] A cell range which has the values you want to sum.


In the below example, we have specified A1:A9 as criteria range and B1:B9 as sum range. After that, we have specified the criteria in A12 which has the value C.

examples for excel sumif function

You can also insert criteria directly into the function.

examples for excel sumif function with wildcards

And, if you skip specifying the sum range it will give you the sum of criteria range. But, that will be only possible if criteria range has numeric values.

examples for excel sumif function without sum range

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