[Free Download] One Page Daily Sales Report Excel Template/Format

One of the first templates which I created on Excel was for a Daily Sales Report.

And while doing this, one thing which I had learned that you need a format which is quick and simple to use.

You can’t spend a lot of time every day to create a sales report, especially at end of the day.

So today, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite template which I used to share with my boss at that time.

And, I pretty sure this daily sales template will make your boss smile, even if the sales are going down.

You know the best part, this is a one-page template with a simple format to understand.

main dashboard for daily sales report template

But before you download it, let me tell you how to use it and what are the features of this template.


There are some key features which make this template easy to use. So read ahead to get a detailed view of these features.

1. Day Wise Sales Against Monthly Target

To track day wise performance, you have a chart and in this chart, you can get day wise performance against the target.

To compare daily sales with the target, we have a target line in this chart.

day wise sales chart in daily sales report template

When you input your monthly target, this template will convert it into a daily average.

And, that target will be a benchmark for your daily performance. A small message box at the top will remind you about the daily average you need throughout the month.

total achievement chart in daily sales report template

This simple chart will help you to track what you have achieved month till date.

3. Sales Achieved

The first box in the section will give a quick snapshot of sales you have done against the total target.

amount achievement keynote in daily sales report template

4. Per Day Average to Meet Target

Next box will alert you about the per day average you have to manage for rest of the days in the month.

This figure will change every day based on your performance till date in the month.

required average in daily sales report template

If your day wise sale is are less than expected per day target, this figure will increase or vise verse.

5. Days Left in the Month

This box will show you the days left in the month which is a driving factor for your performance.

days left in month in daily sales report template

The calculation of these days is dynamic.

6. Special Remarks Section

We also have a special notes and remarks box. You can use this section to add some special notes.

other remarks in daily sales report template

I used to collect remarks from my sales team before submitting this report to my boss. You can this section in your way.

Input Data

As I told you that it’s super easy to prepare this template, all you have to do is just input your following data.

1. Current Month

Before you start tracking your daily sales make sure to select the current month. Selecting current month is important because this will define the total number of days.

Let’s say you have selected “Sep” then the total days of the month will be 30, and if you select “Oct” then it will be “31”.

For this, all you have to do, just use this drop down to select the current month.

drop down to select month in daily sales report template

2. Monthly Target

Once you select your current month the next thing to input is your monthly target. There is a direct connection between your monthly target and total days of the month.

As soon as you enter your monthly target it will calculate the per day average we need to meet the total target.

If you have a monthly target of $50000 and month days are 31, then the per day average will be $1613 per day.

So, just enter your monthly target in cell A34.

monthly target in daily sales report template

You know the best out best part of this sales format? You need little efforts to input data.

3. Daily Sales

Now, here is the main thing you have to enter “Day Wise Sale”.

In the table below, you can enter your sales on daily basis. And, once you do that it will update the calculation in the entire template.

day wise sales entry in daily sales report template

This is the only thing you have to do every day as rest of the two are one-time input.

Important Note: If you have selected a month which has 30 days, then you have to enter the sales for only 30 days. And, for 31 days, input sales for 31 days. This daily sales report template is fully dynamic. There is no need from your end to make any change. But, if you still want to customize it just follow me.


Before you customize this template make sure to unlock the worksheet.

And, here I have some important points for you If you want to customize this daily sales report template.

1. Change Currency Format

I have used the dollar as the currency format in this template. But if you want to change that format, just make this little tweak.

  • Go to cell A40, where I have pasted the $ format.
change currency format in daily sales report template
  • Just change the dollar format with your desired one.

Make sure to maintain the cell format for cell A40 as text.

2. Change Keynote Messages

To change some keynote messages just tweak in AG26:AG37 for that. This cells range contains the entire messages used in this template.

I hide the messages by changing the font color to white, make sure to make it visible.


Download this template from here to try it yourself.


This daily sales report template will give your boss a quick impression about the daily sales.

It’s a fact that anyone can understand this format in seconds but the thing is it’s super easy to prepare.

Please don’t forget to share this template with your friends.