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Syntax For Excel NOT Function

What is the use of Excel NOT Function?

By using Excel Not Function you can reverse a logical value. In simple words, It will convert TRUE to FALSE & FALSE To TRUE. If any formula results in a logical value or a cell has a logical value it will reverse that value.

Defination for Excel NOT Function

In above example, I have converted logical value TRUE to FALSE by using NOT Function.

Syntax for Excel NOT Function


logical Value you want to test to reverse the logical value. [Required]

Additional Information on Excel NOT Function

  • If you refer to a blank cell it will treat that value as a TRUE.

Examples for NOT Function

Examples For Excel NOT Function With Numbers

In above example, I have used numbers instead of logical values. As you know logical values have values in number. You can also use NOT function with numbers as well. As 0 is equal to FALSE, NOT has converted it into TRUE. And, any number other than 0 will be treated as TRUE & converted into FALSE.

Examples For Excel NOT Function With Formulas

In above example, I have used NOT Function with formulas. While comparing values from two cells I have reversed the logical results. You can use this function where you need to reverse the logical value.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel NOT Function

More Tips Related With Excel NOT Function


By using Excel Not Function your can reverse a logical TRUE into FALSE & FALSE into TRUE. Learn more about NOT from here.

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