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Syntax For Excel IF Function

What is the use of Excel IF Function?

Use Excel IF Function to test a condition, If that condition is TRUE then it will return a value which you have specified or if that condition is FALSE it will return another value. In simple words, you can test a condition & function will return with result TRUE or FALSE & you can specify two different value to come in the result for both the situations. If function

Syntax for Excel IF Function


logical_test A condition which you want to evaluate.

value_if_true  Value which you want to get if that condition is TRUE.

value_if_false Value which you want to get if that condition is FALSE.

More Information on Excel IF Function

  • You can use IF Function for nested formulas.
  • The maximum number of nested condition you can perform is 64.
  • You can use comparison operators to evaluate a condition in IF function.

Examples to understand Excel IF Function

Use Excel Operators In Excel IF Function

In above example, I have comparison operator to evaluate conditions using IF Function.

  1. I have used a specific text to get in the result if condition met or not.
  2. You can also use TRUE & FALSE to get in result.
  3. If skip to specify a value to get the result if the condition is TRUE, it will return zero.
  4. And, If you skip specifying a value to get the result if the condition is FALSE, it will return zero.

Use Excel IF Function To Create Nested Functions

In above example, I have used IF Function to create a nesting formula. In above formula, I have specified a condition & if that condition is false then I have used another if function to evaluate another condition & perform a task & again that condition is FALSE I have used another IF Function. This way I have used IF Function for five times to create a nesting formula.

You can use the same for 64 times to create any type of nesting function.

You can increase it’s productivity by using OR Function & AND Function with it.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel IF Function

More Tips Related With Excel IF Function


Use Excel IF Function where you want to evaluate a condition & want to perform a specific task if that condition is TRUE or FALSE. Learn more about IF from here.

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