Excel Functions With Examples

Functions are one of the most important features in Excel and must to learn to make best out of this most popular spreadsheet tool on the planet.

And, for this, I have compiled a list of 101 Excel functions which you can use everyday work to speed up your all the calculations.

This is a comprehensive list in which you will find easy to understand examples and for each example, you can also download sample files to try it yourself.

I have split this list into categories so that you can pick them according to your need.

Text Functions

1. Excel LEFT Function: Get text from the left side of a cell.

2. Excel RIGHT Function: Get text from the right side of a cell.

3. Excel MID Function: ​Get text from a specific position from a text string.

4. Excel LOWER Function: ​Convert a text into lower case.

5. Excel UPPER Function: ​Convert a text into upper case.

6. Excel PROPER Function: ​Convert a text into proper case.

7. Excel REPT Function: ​Repeat a text a number of times.

8. Excel LEN Function: ​Get the numbers of characters in a cell.

9. Excel FIND Function: ​Find a text string from another text string (Case Sensitive).

10. Excel SEARCH Function: ​Search a text string from another text string (Non-Case Sensitive).

Date Functions

11. Excel DATE Function: Create a valid date.

12. Excel DATEDIF Function: Calculate interval between two dates.

13. Excel DATEVALUE Function: Create a valid date from a text.

14. Excel EDATE Function: Return the same date in future or past.

15. Excel DAY Function: Return day number from a date.

16. Excel DAYS Function: Return number of days between two dates.

17. Excel TODAY Function: Return current date.

18. Excel MONTH Function: Return month’s number from a date.

19. Excel EOMONTH Function: Return the last date of the month in future or past.

20. Excel YEAR Function: Return year’s number from a date.

21. Excel WEEKDAY Function: Return weekday of a given date.

22. Excel WEEKNUM Function: Return week number of a given date.

23. Excel NETWORKDAYS Function: Return the number of working days between two dates.

24. Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL Function: Return the work days between two dates.

Time Functions

25. Excel TIME Function: Create a valid time.

26. Excel TIMEVALUE Function: Create a valid time from atext.

27. Excel HOUR Function: Return hours from a time value.

28. Excel MINUTE Function: Return minute from a time value.

29. Excel SECOND Function: Return seconds from a time value.

30. Excel NOW Function: Return current date & time.

Logical Functions

31. Excel IF Function: Perform a specific task if a condition is true or false.

32. Excel IFERROR Function: Evaluate a value for error & return a specific value if an error occurs.

33. Excel IFNA Function: Evaluate value for #N/A error & return a specific value if an error occurs.

34. Excel OR Function: Test two or more conditions differently.

35. Excel AND Function: Test two or more conditions jointly.

36. Excel NOT Function: Convert TRUE into FALSE & FALSE into TRUE.

37. Excel FALSE Function: Return logical FALSE.

38. Excel TRUE Function: Return logical TRUE.

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Maths Functions

39. Excel SUM Function: Return the sum of numeric values.

40. Excel SUMIF Function: Return the sum of the numeric values of which meet a condition.

41. Excel SUMIFS Function: Return the sum of the numeric values which meet multiple conditions.

42. Excel SUMPRODUCT Function: Multiply andSUM arrays.

43. Excel ABS Function: Convert a number into an absolute number.

44. Excel EVEN Function: Round a number to the nearest even number.

45. Excel INT Function: Round down a number to the nearest integer.

46. Excel MOD Function: Return remainder after dividing two numbers.

47. Excel MROUND Function: Round to the nearest multiple of a number.

48. Excel TRUNC Function: Remove fractional part of a number.

49. Excel RAND Function: Generate random numbers.

Statistical Functions

50. Excel COUNT Function: Return the count cells which have numbers.

51. Excel COUNTA Function: Return the count of cells which are non-blank.

52. Excel COUNTBLANK Function: Return the count of cells which are blank.

53. Excel COUNTIF Function: Return the count of cells which meet criteria.

54. Excel COUNTIFS Function: Return the count of cells which meet multiple criteria.

55. Excel AVERAGE Function: Return average of numbers.

56. Excel AVERAGEA Function: Return the average of a group of numbers and text.

57. Excel AVERAGEIF Function: Return the average of numbers which meet criteria.

58. Excel AVERAGEIFS Function: Return the average of numbers which meet multiple criteria.

59. Excel MAX Function: Return largest values from a given set of values.

60. Excel MIN Function: Return smallest values from a given set of values.

Lookup Functions

61. Excel ADDRESS Function: Return a number of address of a reference.

62. Excel AREAS Function: Return a number of areas in a reference.

63. Excel CHOOSE Function: Return a value from a list based on position.

64. Excel COLUMN Function: Return the column number of the reference.

65. Excel COLUMNS Function: Return the number of columns in a range.

66. Excel FORMULATEXT Function: Return formula from a cell as a text.

67. Excel HLOOKUP Function: Lookup for values from a row.

68. Excel HYPERLINK Function: Create a Hyperlink in a cell.

69. Excel INDEX Function: Return a value from a list or table based on location.

70. Excel INDIRECT Function: Create a cell reference from a text.

71. Excel LOOKUP Function: Lookup for a value in a column range.

72. Excel MATCH Function: Return a number representing the position of a cell in an array.

73. Excel OFFSET Function: Create a reference offset from given starting cell.

74. Excel ROW Function: Return the row number of the reference.

75. Excel ROWS Function: Return the number of rows in a range.

76. Excel TRANSPOSE Function: Return the average of numbers.

77. Excel VLOOKUP Function: Lookup for values from a column.

Financial Functions

78. Excel FV Function: Calculate the future value of an investment.

79. Excel PMT Function: Calculate the periodic payment for a loan.

80. Excel PV Function: Calculate the present value of an investment.

Information Function

81. Excel CELL Function: Get cell information

82. Excel ERROR.TYPE Function: Return a number for every error.

83. Excel INFO Function: Return information about the current operating environment.

84. Excel ISBLANK Function: Check if a cell is blank.

85. Excel ISERR Function: Check if there is any error in the cell other than #N/A.

86. Excel ISERROR Function: Check if a cell has an error.

87. Excel ISEVEN Function: Check if a cell has an even number.

88. Excel ISFORMULA Function: Check if a cell has a has a formula.

89. Excel ISLOGICAL Function: Check if a cell has a has a logical value.

90. Excel ISNA Function: Check if a cell has a has a #N/A value.

91. Excel ISNONTEXT Function: Check if a cell has a has a non-text value.

92. Excel ISNUMBER Function: Check if a cell has a has a number.

93. Excel ISODD Function: Check if a cell has a has an odd number.

94. Excel ISREF Function: Check if a cell has a has a reference.

95. Excel ISTEXT Function: Check if a cell has a has a text value.

96. Excel N Function: Convert a logical value into a number.

97. Excel NA Function: Generate a #N/A error value.

98. Excel SHEET Function: Get the sheet number of a worksheet.

99. Excel SHEETS Function: Get the numbers of sheets in a reference.

100. Excel TYPE Function: Get check the type of value from a cell.

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