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What is the use of Excel CHOOSE Function?

Use Excel CHOOSE Function to get a value from a list based its position. In simple words, you can call a value from a list by specifying position of that value. For example if you have created a list of months (Jan To Dec) & if you mentioned position 5 it will return may in a result.

How To Use Excel Choose Function

In above example, I have used CHOOSE Function with option button to create a option to select type for service which will further return the product of quantity and price.

Syntax for Excel CHOOSE Function


index_num A number for specifying the position of the value in the list. [Required]

value1 A range of cells or an input value from which you can choose. [Required]

value2 A range of cells or an input value from which you can choose. [Optional]

More Information on Excel CHOOSE Function

  • If can handle up to 254 values.
  • You refer to a cell or you can also insert values directly in the the function.

Examples to understand Excel CHOOSE Function

In below example, I an using CHOOSE Function with a drop down list to calculate four(Sum, Average, Max, and Mix) different things. And, I have also used VLOOKUP Function along with it.

Use Excel CHOOSE Function With Drop Down List

I have used below formula to calculate the all four thing with CHOOSE Function.


I have create a small table with the name of all four calculations which I want and inserted serial number to each in corresponding cell.

After that, I have created a drop down list for all four calculations.

Now, to get index number in choose function from that small table I have created a lookup formula which will return serial number as per the the value selected in drop down list.

And, instead of values I have used four formulas for 4 different calculation.

Whenever I change values from drop down list the calculation will change.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel CHOOSE Function

More Tips Related With Excel CHOOSE Function


Use Excel CHOOSE Function to get a value from a list by specifying its position. Learn more about how to use Excel CHOOSE Function from here.

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