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Syntax For Excel AND Function

What Is The Use Excel AND Function?

By using AND Function you can check multiple conditions at a time. If all those conditions are TRUE it will return TRUE. And, any of those conditions is not TRUE then it will return a FALSE. In simple words, it will only return TRUE when all conditions are TRUE else it will return FALSE.

Defination for Excel AND Function

In above example, I have used And Function to check 3 conditions in a single formula. Where all these 3 conditions are met it has return TRUE and where all the conditions are not met, the result is FALSE.

Syntax For Excel AND Function

AND(logical1, [logical2], …)
logical1 Condition which you want to verify. (Required)
[logical2] Additional Conditions you want to verify (Optional)

More Information To Use Excel AND Function

  • Values will be ignored if reference cell or array contained an empty cell or text.
  • The result of conditions should be in logical value (TRUE or FALSE).
  • It will return an error if there is no logical value is returned.
  • The maximum numbers of values you can test are 255.

Examples To Understand Excel AND Function

The best use of AND is with IF Function. By combining these functions you can increase the powers of IF Function.

Defination for Excel AND Function

In above example, I have used both functions to get a message if both of the conditions are met. You can also create more dynamic functions to make best out of this Function.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel AND Function


You can use Excel AND Function to verify more than one condition at the same time, & it can help you to customize your other functions for better results. Learn more about AND from here.

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  • David González

    Exactly, you can use … =if(or(a=b;b=c;c=x);true;false) or =if(and(a=b;b=c;c=x);true;false)

    • Puneet Gogia

      Right David.