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How To Use Excel ABS Function

What is the use of Excel ABS Function

Using Excel ABS Function will give you an absolute number. In simple words, it will convert a negative number into a positive number.

Use Excel ABS Function To Get Absolute Value

In above example, to get positive numbers I have used this absolute function in excel. It has just removed the negative sign from the numbers.

Syntax for Excel ABS Function


number A number or value to get a positive number of.

More Information ABS Function

  • You can also use this absolute function as an array function.
  • You can also put the number in the function to get the positive number.
  • If specify a number which is not an integer, it will return #VALUE!.

Examples for ABS Function

Excel-ABS Function To Get Absolute or Positive Number

In above example, I have used ABS formula to get absolute values against the change in the interest rate. You can use this function when a sign of the number is not so important.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel ABS Function

More Tips Related With Excel ABS Function


Excel ABS Function is helpful when you want to calculate variance by ignoring negative & positive signs. Learn more about ABS Function from here.

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