I’m Puneet Gogia

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    I am super excited that you are here to meet me.

    My name is Puneet Gogia. I’m a 26 years old guy from India. I’m on a mission. And, my mission is to help people and learn Microsoft Excel. So, that’s why I am helping people who want to learn Microsoft Excel.

    I have founded this blog to reach more and more people like you. You can join me on Facebook | Instagram

    Microsoft Excel & Me

    It was march’2011, I was preparing for a job interview and someone told me “You need to know about VLOOKUP & PIVOT TABLES for this job “. So, I called one of my friends, who is the only one who had the basic knowledge of Excel that I know. And, that day I used Vlookup & Pivot Table for the first time.

    Fortunately, I got the Job.

    And I thought, “if a single Excel Function can give me my career break, it is worth to learn more.” And, my curiosity begins. I had started to search here & there to get more stuff to learn more about Excel.

    Birth of this blog

    While learning new things in excel, one day I thought “Let’s Share it back with others”.

    So, In Dec’13, I created a Facebook Page with the name of ExcelChamps (the first name came to my mind) to share my learning with others. While creating a facebook page, I also took a website domain. But never made it live. But, in November’2015, I took my step forward to start this blog.

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    Some Words

    Two very useful pieces of information about Excel I’ d have likely continued not knowing about. Thanks for posting, Puneet.Daryl Fagala
    Puneet Gogia has a lot of interesting examples how excel can and should be used. Nice work Puneet Gogia! Tomislav Mališ

    My Pledge

    I am working every moment to share my knowledge with you. I want you to visit my blog. I post 2-3 new tips every week along with sample files for my visitors. You will learn some useful excel tips every week.

    And, here I have a gift for you.