How to use Text To Speech in Excel | Ultimate Guide


Text-To-Speech In Excel is an option allows you to make excel speak what you have typed in your spreadsheet. In simple words, excel will speak the text from your spreadsheet. It was firstly integrated into Excel 2002, but with some reasons it was pushed back in behind the scenes from Excel 2007.

How To Activate?

To Make Excel Talk we have to activate the text to speech option in excel.

  • Click on File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon. And, You will get the following window.

Activate text TO Speak In Excel

  • Select “Main Tab”  from the drop-down option.

Activate Text To Speech In Excel

  • Now, Select the home tab, add a new group.

Add Buttons To Ribbon To Use Text To Speech In Excel

  • Rename the new group with “Speech”. And, Choose ‘Commands Not In Ribbon” from “Chose Commands From” option.
  • Now, Select all 5 commands starting with “Speak” & add them to the new group. Click OK.

Press Ok To Add Button To Ribbon To use Text To Speech In Excel

  • Now, You have a new group with 5 options in your home tab.

Buttons On Ribbon To Use Text To Speech In Excel

Options Available

  1. Speak Cells: After clicking speak cell, it will start to read the text in the selected range. If you don’t select any range, it will automatically expand to the neighbor cells having value.
  2. Stop Speaking: TTS will stop speaking after clicking this.
  3. By Columns: After enabling “By Column” option, TTS will read the text by columns. In simple word, it will read  the text in the vertical direction.
  4. By Rows: After enabling “By Column” option TTS will read the text by rows. In simple word, it will read  the text in the horizontal direction.
  5. On entering: TTS will speak the text from the cell, every time you hit enter.

How to Change Voice Type in Text To Speech?

You can also change the voice type using control panel of your windows.

Control Panel -> Speech Recognition -> Text-To-Speech.

Change Voice For Text To Speech In Excel

Speech.Speak Method

text to speech in excel vba

You can use this method to make excel speak for you.

Sample File

Bottom Line

Text To Speech a useful feature where you want to create some interactive reports in your spreadsheets and moreover, it is very helpful for people who have the disability to read and speak.

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  1. This feature is really annoying and i’ve been googling this symptom for the past hour and no one seemed to have a right answer. Wish Microsoft can do something to fix it.

  2. This is an excellent guide to enable Text to Speech in Excel. Now the feature is always on in Excel, and cannot seem to disable/deactive it. It only occurs on all Excel worksheets (Office 365 16.0.x.20368) on a single user profile. Narrator is definitely off, and have cleanly uninstalled MS Office, rebooted the computer, then re-installed.

  3. Great feature. Always glad that Microsoft considersr those who may have disabilities when using their products.