Add Leading Zeros in Excel

Simple Ways to Add Leading Zeros in Excel There are few default rules in Excel which can annoy you. One of those rules is you can’t add a zero before a number. The reason behind this is:  A zero before a number makes no sense and no value to the number itself. ​Whenever you try to insert […]

Pivot Table Using Multiple Files

 A pivot table is one of the best ways to summarize data. You can create a summary report within seconds from thousands of rows of data. It’s a perfect tool. But while working with data in the real world not everything is perfect. And today, I want to share with you a common problem which we all […]

Excel Camera Tool

 While working in Excel, sometimes, you need to think out of the box. It happens to me sometimes when I share my dashboards and templates with other users and they made changes in it and all of my work break. Well, to solve this problem, I started to use live images of data tables instead of using […]

How to Quickly Insert a Check Mark Symbol in Excel

How to Quickly Insert a Check Mark Symbol in Excel Last week while traveling, I met a person who asked me a smart question. He was quietly working on his laptop and suddenly asked me this:“Hey, do you know how to insert a check mark symbol in Excel?”And then I figured out that he had a […]

Refresh All Pivot Tables

 A pivot table is one of the best things that I have ever used. I love the thing that I don’t need to insert it again and again. It saves a lot of time because once you create a pivot table, you just need to refresh it with a single click when you update it and […]

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