Top 10 Advanced Excel Charts and Graphs to Make You PRO Overnight

Charts are one of the most important parts of Microsoft Excel. It helps us to present our data in an understandable manner. In Excel, we have different kind of charts to present our data in different ways.Even there are a lot of advanced charts and graphs which we can create in Excel by making small amendments in […]

How to use Pivot Table Timeline in Excel

Using Pivot Table Timeline is not only save your ton of hard work but it will also a good habit of using it in our dashboards. Please follow me & learn how this Pivot Table Timeline will change your life. So here is the complete detail about Pivot Table Timeline.

How to Calculate Ratio in Excel

How to Calculate Ratio in ExcelA ratio is one of the common methods to compare two values with each other and it can help you to compare variation between those two values. Even in our daily life, we use this word RATIO to define the comparison between two different things.When it comes to Excel, we don’t […]

Add Leading Zeros in Excel

Simple Ways to Add Leading Zeros in ExcelThere are few default rules in Excel which can annoy you. One of those rules is you can’t add a zero before a number. The reason behind this is:  A zero before a number makes no sense and no value to the number itself. ​Whenever you try to insert a […]

Pivot Table Using Multiple Files

 A pivot table is one of the best ways to summarize data. You can create a summary report within seconds from thousands of rows of data. It’s a perfect tool. But while working with data in the real world not everything is perfect. And today, I want to share with you a common problem which we all […]

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