How to Hide Formula in Excel

 It happens sometimes you send Excel files to others and they made some changes into formulas Or, sometimes you simply don’t want to show a formula to others. Hiding a formula is a simple way to do this so that others can’t able to see which formula you have used and how they get calculated. Now the question […]

Insert/Type Degree Symbol in Excel

How to Insert/Type Degree Symbol in Excel Yesterday I was working on some temperature data for weather forecast with one of my friends. For this, one of the important things was to use degree symbol in data to show numbers in Celsius and Fahrenheit.If you use a laptop like me, you’ll find that there is no […]

Best 8 Tips to Filter Data in Excel

 Using a filter in Excel is not a #rocketscience. Everyone knows that they can do a lot of things with filter option. But, the bad news is they are not actually using it to the best or maybe they forget to make a habit to use it. And, the good news is you can be one of […]

Use Data Entry Form in Excel

 A data entry form is the best way to enter data in a table. But sometimes it’s time consuming to create a form. While struggling with this problem, I have found there is a default form in Excel which you can use for data entry. The best part about this form is it’s pre-designed and flexible in […]

VBA Code to Search on Google

 There are a lot of important things which we all do other than using Excel. Am I right? One of those things is using Google to search for something. In my list of useful macro codes, I have a code which you can use to perform a search query on Google using Chrome. And today, I’m gonna share that […]

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