VBA To Create a Pivot Table [Macro Code]

How to use a VBA Code to Create a Pivot Table [Writing a Macro Step By Step]   Before I hand over this guide to you to start using VBA to create a pivot table, let me confess something. I have learned using VBA just four years back and the first time when I wrote a […]

How to Link/Connect a Single Slicer with Multiple Pivot Tables in Excel

Sometimes using more than one pivot table is a mess.But, it’s not a mess if you connect all the pivot tables with a single slicer. So, do you know how to link a slicer with multiple pivot tables?If you don’t know then follow this post. You will learn a superb trick to create some interactive […]

How to Enable PowerPivot In Excel 2010 Using Simple Steps

“PowerPivot will bring a lot more freedom to our information workers because they will have powerful, easy-to-use data analysis tools right on their PCs…without having to come to the IT department for help…” Ayad Shammout, Lead Technical Database Administrator, CareGroup Healthcare System I am sure above words will definitely inspire you. If you really want freedom […]

How to Create a Population Pyramid Chart in Excel

To analyze population data we can create a Population Pyramid in Excel. Here I have listed 3 different ways to create an Excel Pyramid Chart. All the three methods are simple to use & you can choose anyone which you think is a perfect fit for you.

The 5 Step Process to Make a Pictograph in Excel

If you know how to present data in an understandable and effective way, you can deliver your message strongly. For this purpose, one of my favorite things is a PICTOGRAPH and in Excel, creating a pictograph is quite simple and easy. Today in this post, I’d like to share with you a simple step by step process […]