Insert Checkbox in Excel

 One of the most demanding and fascinating things for an Excel user is to create interactive things in Excel. And a checkbox is a small but powerful tool that you can use to control a lot of things by unchecking/checking it. In short: It gives you the power to make your stuff interactive. And, I’m sure you use […]

VBA To Create a Pivot Table [Macro Code]

How to use a VBA Code to Create a Pivot Table [Writing a Macro Step By Step]  Before I hand over this guide to you to start using VBA to create a pivot table, let me confess something. I have learned using VBA just four years back and the first time when I wrote a macro […]

How to Link/Connect a Single Slicer with Multiple Pivot Tables in Excel

Sometimes using more than one pivot table is a mess. But it’s not a mess if you connect all the pivot tables with a single slicer. So do you know how to link a slicer with multiple pivot tables?If you don’t know then follow this post and you will learn a superb trick to create some interactive […]

How to Enable PowerPivot In Excel 2010 Using Simple Steps

“PowerPivot will bring a lot more freedom to our information workers because they will have powerful, easy-to-use data analysis tools right on their PCs…without having to come to the IT department for help…” Ayad Shammout, Lead Technical Database Administrator, CareGroup Healthcare System I am sure above words will definitely inspire you. If you really want freedom […]

How to Create a Population Pyramid Chart in Excel

To analyze population data we can create a Population Pyramid in Excel. Here I have listed 3 different ways to create an Excel Pyramid Chart. All the three methods are simple to use & you can choose anyone which you think is a perfect fit for you.